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10-Jan-2018 11:56

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The conference was well attended by HR and EE Managers, Transformation Specialists, Health & Wellness Practitioners and CEO’s from around South Africa.

Tarryn Mason, General Manager at Progression and host for the 2016 event, guided speakers through a variety of topics linked to reasonable accommodation in the workplace in an informal ‘Q&A’ style format, providing a unique opportunity for the audience to build on ideas and actively contribute to the value of the discussions.

In acknowledging and accommodating different ways people learn and communicate off- and online, you not only create assignments that appeal to a greater variety of people with a range of working styles, you also can accommodate hidden or non-apparent disabilities, such as learning disabilities (the most common form of disability) and emotional and anxiety disorders.

The more you break assignments down by task, the more accommodating you will be for volunteers who have non-apparent disabilities, particularly learning disabilities, as well as for online volunteers who have only a very limited time available to provide service to your organization.

Accessibility and diversity are about accommodating everyone, not just people with disabilities or people who are from minority groups.

You want to make volunteering as welcoming to the widest number of people possible.

If the assignment cannot be broken up to accommodate a candidate, explain why, but also encourage him or her to apply again for other assignments with your organization.

Prospective volunteers should know that no to one request does not mean all assignments will be closed to them.

Not only could this be a violation of laws in your country, but it gives the impression that you match volunteers to assignments based on what they cannot do, rather than on what they can. More of Susan’s “Quick Tips” can be found on the on Energize Web site.

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