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19-Sep-2017 02:34

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We also told you not to fall for this trick and to be very aware of some black women all of a sudden becoming nice, ultra friendly towards you and offering up very easy sex.Look at the above comments and note the difference in approach, at least Patience Jeffress had the common sense to approach the situation in a humble manner, however there is no doubt in my mind that before this she was far from humble, much like Miss Kat Cleaver below her who seems to believe that she still holds the same level of value she had when she was childless.

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Those who haven’t done so already should also check out where I break down the modern day black female and her severely dysfunctional disposition.Of course we already know that non black men as a collective are most certainly not interested in single mothers from black society, therefore it will most definitely be the pro black simps who will step up and perform the services of sacrificial lambs as well as step fathers.

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