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His alter ego Spiderman refuses an invitation to be an Avenger and is particularly chilly toward Captain America.

Peter Parker on the other hand makes his money by giving basic readings and predictions to people.

He teaches Sophia about hunting since she was the first.

Dwayne becomes the medic based on past experience from before the world ended (maybe junior EMT or something like that).

He's protected by his trusty bodyguard Wade Wilson aka Deadpool.

What happens when Steve Rogers wants Peter Parker's help locating his best friend Bucky Barnes?

Carl I havent decided on yet, leaning toward either really angsty or a mother hen 'Dont forget your jackets kids' style.

Eventually, I may want him to find someone else from the group and decide that they are going to be the new mom of the group. Glenn wouldnt be with Maggie so its possible for Merle/Glenn.He goes into foster care and when he's sixteen gets bit by a radioactive spider.