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The house is so beautifully designed and grounded to its environment, people often comment that it looks like it has been there for decades.The lovely landscape architecture certainly contributes to this effect - landscape architect was Alec Michaelides from Land Plus.This beautiful new Georgian home in the Brookhaven area of Atlanta, also designed by Stan Dixon, is painted brick.This is very common in Atlanta homes, old or new – Atlanta seems to like its painted brick homes!During the early 20th century, Robert Moses began condemning land in the hamlet to establish State Parks.Montauk is now home to no less than six State Parks, the Theodore Roosevelt County Park, and several Nature Conservancy areas.

Red brick does not seem to go well together with a French style house, so I researched painted brick.Named for the Algonquian-speaking Montaukett tribe, the hamlet of Montauk is located in the Town of East Hampton.It was purchased by English settlers in 1658 under an agreement which allowed the Montaukett to continue using the land to fish and hunt while a group of Easthampton...(Photo credit: Things That Inspire)Another home whose architectural appearance and color palette has immense appeal to me is the personal home of designer (and attorney) Ty Larkins, whose home appeared in the December issue of House Beautiful.

Although I marveled at the interiors of this home, what really stood out to me was the exterior, as this is on my mind these days. Larkins to ask about the exterior of his home, which looks like it is an older house even though it is newly built (a ‘new old house). Larkins told me that he used old brick on the exterior of his new house, then had it painted with latex paint (not too flat, not too glossy). Painting brick is a great way to get the monolithic appearance of stucco, or achieve a certain uniform look as an alternative to stucco. I recently emailed Lori, and asked about the exterior of her home.The median household income was ,917 with males making ,208 and females ,341.

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