College dating marriage statistics

04-Sep-2018 04:15

Which is why we decided to dig up some numbers on the current state of those who go from prom to “till death do you part” in the space of a few months. In 2014, less than 2 percent of all marriages were between high school sweethearts.

According to a recent survey conducted by using Google Consumer Surveys, more 18- to 34-year-olds met their current significant others through mutual friends than any other means, including dating apps, at social settings and through work — and most certainly high school.

One of the myths around long distance relationships is that they are always or more likely to fail than other kinds of relationships.

However, there is actually no evidence to suggest that this is true.

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However, there is no evidence to suggest that those in long distance relationships are more likely to cheat than others.

The number of long distance marriages has also been on the rise in recent years.