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11-Jul-2017 11:33

You can demonstrate entertainment products for holding dinners and get-togethers.It's great to invite your hostess and guests to bring their spouse to your parties.They get a drawing slip for: I invested in several large buckets for guests to soak their feet in. I demonstrate several products that could be used to spice up a bathroom and different products that help to organize it.(Tupperware isn't just for kitchens!)I also give my guests a recipe list of different bath products they can make and store in Tupperware.It is extremely important that you include apage on fundraisers in your theme book.Many attendees at your show are on their school's PTA or are involved in children's activities or a church.Each of these women will have an opportunity to participate in a fundraiser, and many will be on the committees to decide what they choose as a fundraiser.You want to make sure that they know that your company offers fundraisers.

I hope you have enjoyed these creative party theme ideas. Make sure that you take the time to create your own theme book.There is no better way to get more bookings at your shows.Hello, So my son was born on New Years Day and will this year turn 2.As a family, we go Chester Zoo in December, Drayton Manor isn't open New Years Day and most places aren't.

My husbands nephew (my DS's cousin) also shares the same birthday as my son, although 20 years older.You may also want to encourage your guests to bring a "dressed" banana. Gear your demo towards mothers and their children, and play hostess party games that incorporate both types of guests.

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