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- Sometimes, it's got to be really convenient to be "normal", and not to care too much, feel too much, love too much, want too much, and wish for Woke up to particularly lurid dreams... To his credit, Fisk has been extremely critical of the government's actions... You ignorantly, flippantly dismiss the young protesters as the educated brats of wealthy elitists, robbing their voice of legitimacy.Never mind that the first Iranian revolution was led largely by the same kind of people...and the thing is, I'm certain it had nothing to do with dislike. She didn't want to impose upon others in her later years, and she didn't want to be imposed upon by others, to be more religious, more of a grandmother, more of a patriarch. *sadmaking*(Well, three if you count the cute barista who reminds me of a slash version of Capt. Ten more minutes of searching, after digging through a bag of her dirty laundry... All I ask is that once your make the decision, you remember why you chose the way you did... Because that is how, despite it all, society as a whole changes for the better... I have backed you time and time again for one main reason...Jack Harkness.) that I am back, I start checking through people's LJ posts again, only to find that Jacob A. It's like we need a third phone so that she can find her phone without either losing or running off with mine in the process... you may have been a bit biased, but you were essentially correct and a determined advocate and good counterbalance to the unrelenting extremist status quo of the Bush/Blair era.The focus is very much on me, but that's a healthy thing. With Ice Accepted Retrieving Ice CMD: More Rum Accepted Retrieveing Rum CMD: Ice I wanted it with Ice Accepted Retrieving Ice CMD: Another Rum Accepted Retrieving Rum CMD: Oh for the love of god I want it with Ice Accepted Retrieving Ice CMD: MALL RUMMSZUnknown command Detected "MALL RUMMSZ"; CMD:*Coughing detected* I said MOORE RUM! Look, I Always want Ice; Accepted Setting Global Ice default; CMD: RUM! ; Running Translation; Language Detected "Bad French"Accepted Retrieving Rum; CMD:hmm, Kebab Accepted Retrieving Kebab CMD: What the Ff... Braking while going uphill, losing all your inertia, and then backing up and crushing your tailpipe, muffler, and all the soft, chewy bits on the underside of your motorized carriage is not advisable. And going forward isn't much of an option either, was my morning walk... light-colored pants it is, with an old Ramones t-shirt. That's why I must tell the collective you to fuck off. I'm not the kind to name names, but I may become quite detailed in the generalities... Besides, we're more than friends anyway.) I'm no longer here to write about President ______'s betrayals, or Katrina or Live Journal or Iraq or Afghanistan, or the war du jour, or the fucking corporatist Republican whores... Not because Live were lying whores who betrayed everything they claimed to stand for... well, that's the same kind of pressure that existed in LJ's Russian community, for those who wanted to express their opposition to a corrupt government.Most of the relationships I can afford to deal with are with online friends or those I see during my adventures, but in truth, I appreciate them greatly... Just wanted to let you know that I didn't move up to S. just so that I can swelter in an 80 degree apartment. ; Accepted Retrieving Rum; CMD: Now that's more like it; Accepted Retrieving "More Like It"; CMD: Ooh more Rum thanks; Accepted Retrieving Rum; CMD: What, more Rum don't mind if I do; Accepted Retrieving Rum; CMD:more Rum? ; Accepted Retrieving Rum; Action: Infinate Loop Detected; Halted; CMD: Yoohoo! Lots of uphill bits, but I apparently now eat uphill hikes for lunch, and regularly leave assorted skinny "healthy" people in the dust. He was upset that she left his father while he was still a teen, and that his dad later remarried. In retrospect, I think it was a matter of both my grandmother and my father, doing what they could to get away from my grandfather... In retrospect, it kind of screwed with his life, in that it led to him running off and joining the military as a fifteen-year-old, and eventually suffering from PTSD and all the other residual crap that being a soldier can do to you. Please, really, if any of this offends you -- and more lurid and sordid offenses surely will be forthcoming, I promise -- please do nicely fuck off.... That, incidentally, is why you might want to fuck off now, or simply take me off your friend's list... or even that catty, dictator-loving George Galloway. that just as easily applies to pretty much any dotcom that once claimed to stand for anything. or a whole slew of other things that society still tends to frown upon. It's a fucking battleground of ideas, with real casualties and real consequences for those who dare to dissent.

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I no longer receive emails when people comment in my journal, so if you want to reach me or read me elsewhere, message me directly. Yes, I know that I haven't been posting much, even though I am "back"... but one of the things I never thought I would have to give up was my ability to say whatever I wanted, without having to be judged severely as a result.

has stopped writing on LJ just recently, and is kind of on-the-run... I defended you because your opponents repeatedly attacked you without a shred of evidence that would hold water in a court of law.

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