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He explains that maybe engineering’s emphasis on professional codes is helping.And perhaps their courses in ethics work better than those in journalism and business.This worsens if “cheating cultures” develop inside universities and in specific departments, according to Dr. He says that students in business and communications (which includes journalism) admit more to cheating than students in other departments: “They’re always number one or number two.” I cringe at that, but I see what he means.Each year, my students watch at least one superstar, professional journalist evade punishment after a spectacular case of fabrication or plagiarism. Mc Cabe says that “engineering used to be way up there” but not anymore.For example, the University of Guelph, York University and Ryerson University offer online tutorials on how to avoid different types of cheating.Guelph and several other institutions run workshops about instructional and assessment approaches for faculty and teaching assistants.

But one fifth of faculty cited other reasons: lack of support from administration; lack of time to pursue suspected cases; and the trivial nature of the offence.The study cautions that we shouldn’t make definitive claims about the findings, but should use the numbers as indicators for concern and action.The two researchers also report a surprising level of cheating among Canadian graduate students.Had they blanked out in class during the cheating talks? Educate Education about academic integrity works at two levels – university and classroom.

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In the past seven years, universities have been doing more education to reduce cheating.For instance, students cheat on labs when instructors allocate few marks for experiments that take a long time or when marking schemes ignore effort and grade only right answers.