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Exports of farmed shrimp, eel, tilapia, shellfish and seaweed have also formed the backbone of Chinese seafood exports, accounting for about 50 percent of national seafood exports in terms of value.

The rapid development of aquaculture in China has not only contributed to improved food supply, but has also generated employment and income to the Chinese people.

The development of aquaculture has helped to create job opportunities in China's fishery regions and rural areas.

In 2003 the total number of full-time workers involved in aquaculture production was about 4.3 million (working more than 6 months a year).

The most commonly farmed species are carps, Chinese bream and blunt-snout bream.

Since the 1980's, with increasing domestic and international market demand, various species have been developed or introduced from abroad for commercial cultivation in China such as Japanese eel ( Pond culture is the most popular and most important farming system in China, accounting for an estimated 70.54 percent of all inland aquaculture output in 2003.

The average unit output of inland aquaculture increased from 297 kg/ha in 1979 to 3 185 kg/ha in 2003, an increase of 2 888 kg, or about 10.72 times.

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In 2003 the paddy areas for fish farming were expanded to 1.56 million hectares with a total output of 1.024 million tonnes.About 4.3 million rural workers are directly employed in aquaculture with an annual per capita net income of 8 667 Yuan.