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They religiously identify as a separate third sex, with many undergoing ritual castration.In Hindu thought a man who penetrates a Hijra is not defined as gay.And in the Kama Sutra sex acts involving homosexuality are regarded in some castes permissible while not in other castes.Most of the debate on homosexuality within Hinduism is centered on these three teachings, and how proponents and opponents of homosexuality interpret these teachings.

Devotion to God and the Gods of Hinduism is known as Bhakti.

This soul body in its final evolution is the most perfect form, the prototype of human form.

Once physical births have ceased, this soul body still continues to evolve in subtle realms of existence.

Man has five bodies, each more subtle than the last.

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Visualize the soul of man as a lightbulb and his various bodies or sheaths as colored fabrics covering the pure white light. Next comes the pranic body, then the physical body's subtle duplicate, the astral body.Then there is the mental or intellectual body in which one can travel instantaneously anywhere. This is the body that evolves from birth to birth, that reincarnates into new outer sheaths and does not die when the physical body returns its elements to the earth.