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She moaned as he roughly jammed two fingers into her drooling slit, then grabbed him and hungrily began to suck kisses from him.She unzipped his shorts and fished his cock out and jerked on it a few times.He handed one beer to Gary, and then roughly shoved Beth toward the ratty looking couch. " Jimmy screamed and forced Lenny to turn and take Gary's cock into his mouth.She tripped over the coffee table with a pained 'Oomph! "Mister 'I Can't Pay My Bills' here should clean that up for you." "What? "Bite it and I swear to God I'll fucking kill you and your stupid whore wife, you fucking hear me? To back up his words, he pulled a lock blade knife out of his pocket and flicked the blade open. "If I wanted a fucking hand job, I'd give it to myself! "Tied a pork chop to them so that the dogs would play with them. "And this." She lifted the front of her blouse and shoed him the white satin bra. He shrugged his shoulders and typed on his keyboard and again clicked on 'Send.' "And it came with matching panties," she cooed and unzipped her jeans. Daddy had fronted the money for the down payment and Mommy made sure that the bank approved her loan application. There was no rancor in his voice; she could hear the rich chuckle as he lovingly chided his wife for monopolizing the conversation. Most of them also knew Jimmy Smith; he'd been arrested several times as a juvenile and had recently done four months at Stockton on a assault charge. "Nah, Beth said she paid you," Lenny said and started to close the door. " he yelled when Jimmy kicked the door back and knocked Lenny backward. "Wallet's in the bedroom," Lenny gasped, still "You get rid of those two dumb ass punks? " "No, pay day is today," Jimmy, screamed nag grabbed a handful of Lenny's hair and pulled him out of the chair. " "That leather corset you like so much," she said. "Theresa, put your pants back on," Gary said and she smirked at him, but did so. She'd managed to get the house for a song; the market was in a horrible slump and the Johnsons desperate to sell. And this is Gary Junior, we just call him Junior, and this is Alexis, we live right across the street, I saw you the other day when you stopped by and we're so happy that someone bought this house, it's been vacant forever..." "Theresa, take a breath," Beth heard a deep male voice tell the young woman. "Told you three seconds ago, I don't got none," Gary said. Most of the neighbors knew Gary and trusted the eighteen-year-old boy, so finding clients wasn't very hard.Gary could feel his cock getting hard as the man sucked on his cock like a baby sucks on a nipple. " She coughed and gagged as he thrust his cock into her mouth but he did not cease in his brutal face fuck."Mother fucker likes sucking cock," Gary laughed and began to fuck Lenny's face. "Fuck him; I'm going to see if the bitch over here likes sucking cock too." "No, please, no," Beth, whimpered. She screamed out as he ripped her tee shirt down the front and began cruelly pinching and squeezing her quite impressive breasts and nipples. " he finally said and pulled out of her spluttering mouth and sprayed her face with is come. ---- Both Gary and Jimmy waited all weekend for the inevitable knock at the door, waited for the cops to take them to jail for breaking and entering, rape, robbery; by the time Monday morning rolled around, Gary had tallied up thirty two different things they could be charged with.

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Lenny sprayed his come onto the floor as Jimmy sprayed his wife's face with come. "Going to need the money for bail," Gary joked with Jimmy.

Any persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least 18 years of age. " "I am sure running after a three year old and two year old is a lot of work," he said. "Hey, need you to cut my grass," he said and Gary and Jimmy got busy on the Ostrey lawn. She rolled over and both eighteen year olds almost blew a load in their cut off shorts as her luscious ass came into view. "You whipped out that hundred, asked us if we had change, then told us you'd catch us next time." Five days later, he waved them over. "Love it if you'd cut it ASAP." "Okay," Jimmy agreed. But when they completed the task, Beth just smirked at them. "Don't fucking move," Gary ordered Beth, who was beginning to scoot along the living room floor on her back, toward the safety of the kitchen. "Next time," Jimmy said as he pumped his cock in and out of Lenny's raw guts. " "Okay, okay," Lenny, sobbed and Jimmy stiffened and grunted.

His wife bounced into the living room and announced, "They sold the Johnson's house." "'Bout time," Gary said, not even looking up from the stack of bills. She undid the top of her bikini to let the sun get her entire back and both youths noticed her large breasts straining out on the sides as she lay down on her belly. A week later, he flagged them down again and again they cut the grass. Warren slowly, languidly applied lotion to her belly and legs as they cut the back yard. They were opening the gate when they heard his car start up. Jimmy came barreling back into the living room, eyes ablaze with anger. "Aw, don't act like you didn't like it, pussy," Jimmy sneered and used the back of The Lenny's shirt to wipe his cock clean.

"Just like I promised," Lenny said and handed them forty dollars. They sat and drank their beers in silence, Lenny in his recliner and the two teenagers on the couch. "Nah, I got time for you to suck my cock," Jimmy said and Lenny sank to his knees and hungrily slurped Jimmy's entire cock down his throat. " Beth asked as she let herself in through the sliding glass door.

She stood and watched her husband sucking and slurping on another man's cock for a long moment.

There was no resistance; she hungrily sucked on his manhood while rubbing her gaping slit.

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After her parents were alerted to her former ways through her disciplinary file at school, she soon realized that she needed to improve her life, but despite trying to do this, she still manages to make the same mistakes from time to time, although she has become consistent with being the best student she can possibly be.… continue reading »

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Aleister Crowley—magic’s Picasso—wrote this and I can’t say it any better than he did: “In this book it is spoken of the sephiroth and the paths, of spirits and conjurations, of gods, spheres, and planes and many other things which may or may not exist. By doing certain things, certain results follow; students are most earnestly warned against attributing objective reality or philosophical validity to any of them.” This is the most important rule of all which is why it’s here at the start.… continue reading »

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