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She was a woman trapped in a man's body; he, a man in a woman's body.Three years ago, they found each other when they came to Mumbai for gender reassignment, and the meeting ended up transitioning into love.I am in the process of getting a new Aadhaar card made with my new picture," she said.A retired nuclear scientist working with Indian Agricultural Research Institute was found dead inside the abandoned government quarters on Pusa Road on Thursday.While their bonding began over their motherland and their common medical experiences, what brought them even closer was their desire to help others like them – both of them counselled parents with children who identified as transgender.A few months later, they decided to meet a second time and made appointments at the hospital in Mumbai on the same day. On one of our visits, we held hands and that's how it began," said Aarav, adding, "We are now planning to get married in a temple, with all the rituals. We have also decided to adopt a child, since we are aware that post surgery I won't be able to conceive." Before they met Aarav's parents died a few years ago, and his siblings live in different places.Even my moustache and beard started growing," he added.Sukanyeah too knew since childhood that she was meant to be a woman, but her family could not accept it.

"I have been trying to meet PM Narendra Modi to tell him about the problems we face.At first, we would speak once a week, then it became twice a week.Soon, we started talking very day," said Sukanyeah.In Sukanyeah's case, her father passed away and her mother remarried, but Sukanyeah does not get along with her stepfather.

Because of this, both of them came to rely on each other during their transition.

From the age 12, till she turned 18, Sukanyeah suffered great humiliation, being mocked by other kids for the way she walked and talked.