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10-Feb-2018 20:13

There's something about being able to work with someone like that, which is so gratifying.It's such a relief to have that sort of consistent experience.I don't think anyone predicted that it would become the success that it has become.

People love watching this gang of bad biker boys and she loves Jax.But I don't think anyone ever expects to be in a hit TV show. I don't think there's anything else like this on television.You get used to doing so much stuff that falls away, so if something kicks off it's always surprising."What is Kurt Sutter like to work with? "Kurt has such a strong online persona because he is always tweeting and blogging. That's not to say he is a totally different person, but I think he just has so much respect for his actors and everyone working on this show. "Do you think the show deserves more awards and critical attention than it gets? And also I think we've got an amazingly talented group of artists working on this show and I just hope people are aware of that.But I don't think any of us actually care that much.

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To be in a popular show that people love and are passionate about is the really gratifying thing."What do you find hardest about playing Tara? I love working with him because I feel like when we show up together we are going to find our way through.

For me, when I read it, it felt so different to anything that I had read and that was a really good sign.