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The real Hoole would have known I couldn't shoot him, but the clone wouldn't know that. I knew he would believe my threat, and try to stop me." Daniel: Repeat what I say. This is often parodied these days where the imposter suggests it, knowing they'll assume the noble act to mark them out as the original — and sometimes double-parodied when this ends up outing him as the fake since the real person wouldn't be so noble.

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May be caused by a Shell Game with people or when a Kill and Replace situation has occurred.

Compare Cover Identity Anomaly, Imposter Forgot One Detail (where the imposter's disguise has one subtle flaw), and Imposter-Exposing Test.

See also: Evil Twin, Bluff the Impostor, Confronting Your Imposter, Ten Little Murder Victims. "Clones don't really understand feelings that well.

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In both situations, the victim of the imposter is likely to be incensed that the hero couldn't tell him from his doppelganger.