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02-May-2018 22:43

On the method parameter, you can use value provider attributes to specify the value's data source. NET MVC 4, you will notice the model binding support is similar. In this task, you will update the Grid View to filter its results by the amount of products for each category, receiving the filter parameter with model binding.

In the previous task, you have used model binding mainly for selecting data, in this task you will learn how to use model binding in update operations.

To learn about this, you will use a Grid View to list the product categories using the new Select Method attribute.

Client-side validation in Web Forms is now integrated with j Query, providing cleaner client-side code and unobtrusive Java Script features.

In the request validation area, improvements have been made to make it easier to selectively turn off request validation for specific parts of your applications or read invalidated request data.

NET to compare the HTML code generated by both configurations. NET 4.5 introduces data annotations validation for Web Forms.

Instead of having a validation control on each input, you can now define constraints in your model classes and use them across all your web application.You will update the categories Grid View to let the user update categories.