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09-Apr-2018 08:57

SCCM 2012 gives the option of installation an application as the currently logged in user, or as the Local System account.

There are differences in why you would choose one over the other – namely, easy access to current user paths and registry keys.

If you choose to go SCCM client push installation method, Ensure you have created Client push installation account which should have Admin rights on the target computer else it may fail .

I had some trouble with paths and its ineffective running to the clients and controll.

Consider the following: At my current client, I’m seeing this happen on a near daily basis due to the fact that it’s a massive deployment, with 5 dedicated engineers working on adding new Avecto rules and troubleshooting issues.

Since we’re decentralised, it’s not as easy as shouting out ‘everyone stop editing, I’m making some changes’ and people don’t read emails in a timely enough manner for that to be effective either.

It should run at every user login, and the command line is: Power -Execution Policy Bypass -Window Style Hidden -File “Monitor-Avecto Policy.ps1” It’s a crude solution but it works well.

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This is a unique number that the machines you want to enroll will use to identify your OMS tenant.

To configure, modify the line $lock File = “xxxxxxxxxxxxx” to point to a UNC path that all engineers have access to.