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There are asynchronous (delay) communication tools and synchronous (real-time) communication tools in CMC.Electronic mail systems (e-mail), newsgroups and bulletin board system (BBS) are the examples of asynchronous communication tools; instant messaging systems, like MSN Messenger and QQ, are the example of synchronous communication tool.December (1996) suggested a more comprehensive definition of CMC: "Internet based, computer-mediated communication involves information exchange that takes place on the global, cooperative collection of networks using the TCP/ IP protocol suite and the client-server model for the data communication.Messages may undergo a range of time and distribution manipulations and encode a variety of media types.It is much more quickly searching information though the Internet than reading entire books or collections.People exchange data and communicate thought different genres of Internet devices.Computer equipments are essential in L2 classroom, no matter which level the students are.Writing competence shows students' comprehensive language ability.

This research discovers the occurrence of CMC discourse in students' writing and how CMC affects their writing competence.Since the rapid development of Internet and mass media, people are more rely on using Internet and mass media to obtain information.(Flanagin and Metzger, 2000) Internet covers almost all the topic that people know that is an ocean of information.As students may think that using CMC language is trendy and more fashionable, they tend to use the wording in the Internet and this writing style may affect their formal writing unconsciously.

This research paper investigates how computer-mediated communication affects students' writing competence at Beijing Normal University- Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC).The previous chapter has a brief introduction on this research paper.

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