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They could easily be slotted in to any other Marvel super-hero movies.

The film’s freshness lies less in its special effects or highly choreographed fight scenes than in its likeable portrayal of a typical American teenager – Peter Parker as an In-Betweener.

He’s a puny teenager, after all, and they have secret weapons that he can’t cope with.

Two of the other big set-pieces – a scene aboard a ferry and one in which Peter’s classmates have some terrifying moments in a lift at the top of the Washington Monument – are spectacular enough in their own way but feel on the generic side.

He makes his own home movies, refreshingly amateurish affairs when compared to the gloss of Marvel filmmaking, and spends a lot of time sitting in his bedroom. Michael Keaton won an Oscar for playing an ageing Hollywood superhero trying to re-invent himself on Broadway in .

Here, he’s cast not as Birdman but as Adrian Toomes/ “Vulture,” the villain of the piece.

Peter isn’t trying to save the world or battling evil in exotic locations.

A brief trip to Washington apart, he stays at home.

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He wisecracks at the most perilous moments but he doesn’t always get his own way in the fights.is just one more episode in the ongoing saga of Marvel super-heroes.

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